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About Floodlights


A floodlight is an artificial light used to illuminate large spaces and they have a variety of applications. You can often see them on the outside of houses as a deterrent for criminals, lighting large sports areas or stadiums and illuminating car parks at night. They are also used in the industrial sector for warehouses and building sites.

One of the most common lamps is the metal halide floodlight. It has a High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamp, so it produces a higher intensity of light for its size. They emit around four times as much light as an incandescent light (a filament bulb) and last up to 15 times longer.

The most popular type of floodlight today is the LED, which is a relatively new product, but is used most because of its smaller size, low energy use, and long life. While they can cost more to purchase, the long term saving, in both time and money, is the main reason this type of bulb is the most frequently bought.

Choosing the right floodlight

Floodlights come in a variety of different styles, and using the right lamp is essential for creating the right effect.

The metal halide is relatively small in comparison to other more traditional lamps, which makes it perfect for residential use as well as for warehouses and other industrial buildings. They are even used in some car headlights.

Another common type is the sodium floodlight, which are commonly used in streetlights. There are two types of sodium bulbs, high-pressure and low-pressure bulbs.

LED bulbs are becoming increasingly popular because of their energy saving and versatility. They are found in all devices, ranging from torches to modern streetlights and emit a high-density white light, which is perfect for floodlights in both residential and industrial environments.

Other ranges of floodlights include energy saving floodlights, PIR security floodlights, tungsten halogen, sports floodlighting, and 110V floodlights.


Floodlights-direct.co.uk offer a wide range of lighting for enhancing security, be it domestic, commercial or industrial.

We stock floodlights in a variety of styles, including metal halide, sodium, and LED.

As well as providing a deterrent for criminals, our floodlights fit perfectly in a commercial environment for showrooms, or in the home to illuminate gardens and fountains.

We can offer you expert advice and guidance towards finding the perfect floodlight for your individual needs.

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